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    Ontario Mason Magazine - 2013 Issue 1 - Fall


    From The Editor - W. Bro. Dan Dignard

    From The Grand Master - M.W. Bro. Donald A. Campbell

    Biography of the Grand Master

    From the Deputy Grand Master - R.W. Bro. John C. Green

    Biography of the Deputy Grand Master

    The Grand Master's Charitable Project - Prostate Cancer Research

    MASONICh.I.P. Ontario Recognition

    Award - R.W. Bro. Garnet Shenk

    District Awards

    Fidelity, Masonry and Christmas - Unknown

    December Holidays - Nancy Haught

    A Freemason’s Christmas Wish - Bro. Andrew Bradley

    My Grand Lodge Update - R.W. Bro. Richard Kaufman

    Protocol and Etiquette - Questions & Answers

    Freemasonry and Technology - R.W. Bro. George Fairburn

    District Spotlight

    Our Brother, Arthur L "Gat" Howard - V.W. Bro. Daniel J. Glenney

    Heritage Plaque Ceremony - M.W. Bro. William Mercer Wilson

    Native American Freemasonry - Dr. Joy Porter

    Sankey Lecture Series, Brock University Partnership

    Visiting - V.W. Bro. Andy Skilling

    Grand Lodge Annual Communication - Photos

    M.W. Bro. C. Arthur Downe, 50 Year Past Grand Master,
            Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F. & A.M. in the Province of Ontario

    King Solomon’s Plot - Bro. James K. Chisholm

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Presentation

    A Suitable Anachronism for All Ages - Bro. Andrew Hodgson

    Acacia, The Masonic Legend

    Freemasonry and the First Peoples - Bro. Caleb Musgrave

    Masonic History

    The Brother’s Goheen; 130 Years of Proud Masonic Service
            by one family - Bro. Darian Bacon

    Masonic Veterans of the War of 1812 Honoured - Bro. Matt Pindera

    Respect for the Elder Mason - Bro. Chris Higgins

    Concordant Bodies - Shriners

    Youth Groups - De Molay

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    Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
    363 King Street West
    L8P 1B4
    Work +1-905-528-8644
    Fax +1-905-528-6979