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    Ontario Mason Magazine - 2014 Issue 3 - Summer


    From The Editor - W. Bro. Dan Dignard

    R.W. Bro. Earl Gray, 60 Years a Past Master

    Owl's Head Mountain & Golden Rule Lodge No. 5 - V.W. Bro. Stewart Hanna

    Masonic Blood Donors

    Submissions to The Ontario Mason Magazine, deadline November 7, 2014

    MASONICh.I.P. Ontario - Rob Fleming, Program Director

    A Discussion Paper on Masonic Philosophy - R.W. Bro. Garnet Schenk

    Ontario Masonic Education Conference, Toronto, Saturday, September 27, 2014

    Victoria District Masons Support Prostate Cancer Canada

    You are Part of the Message - R.W. Bro. Garnet Schenk
    What's in Your Closet - W. Bro. James K. Chisholm

    Canadian Museum of Fraternal Lodges, Napanee

    College of Freemasonry

    Expanded Intellect and Liberal Education, The Origin of the College of Freemasonry - R.W. Bro. Rick Cadotte

    Your Grand Lodge Committees and Community Outreach, an Overview
       Brother to Brother
       Fraternal Reviews
       Leadership Development
       Cornerstone Project
       Lodges of Instruction
       Masonic Education
       Protocol & Etiquette
       Blood Donors
       Officer Progression
       Masonic Foundation of Ontario

    Burlington Lodge No. 165, Celebrating 150 Years

    V.W. Bro. William Ralph Webb, recipient of the Battle of Normandy 70th Anniversary Medallion - V.W. Bro. Stewart Hanna


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