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Hello Brethren,

I've booked the February and March meetings again at the Cat & Fiddle
Pub (49 William St N, Lindsay), with their assurances that we'll get the
back room again.

The dates are confirmed as both February AND MARCH 26th, starting at 6pm
(food and social), and 7pm for the discussions.

The February meeting will cover module 3: Religion in Masonry, and the
March meeting will cover Module 4: Masonry in Public.

A suggestion was made at our last meeting to bring in some manner of
entertainment for the dinner portion; and I'm currently looking at
finding a speaker for both of these subjects. If anyone has any
suggestions, please let me know.

In order to keep holding these meetings in private space in our current
venue, we need the attendance of more brethren at our monthly meetings.
There are some very interesting discussions and learning that is
happening at these gatherings, and any Master Mason can attend. Please
speak up at your lodge meetings about this opportunity, in the hopes of
drawing more interested mason's.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this study group, The GLO has
been running their correspondence course for Master Mason’s for quite a
few years now, and it is an invaluable tool for any 3rd degree Mason who
is interested in the history or operation of our organization. Certain
Modules of this course are even required should you aspire particular
offices of Masonry.

The course costs $135 (or $10/Module for 18 Modules) and more
information can be found in the members section of the GLO website.
Being enrolled as a student of the course is not compulsory, but highly

As there is significant resources to find, and content to cover to
properly give this course theattention it deserves; Victoria District is
setting up this study group to help compile the required texts, and hold
discussion on the questions posed to us. Meeting’s happen once per
month at the Cat N’ Fiddle Pub (49 William St N, Lindsay) in the meeting
room. Everyone is encouraged to be there for 6 pm to share a brotherly
meal together. We will start discussing the work for the evening around

We cover one module per evening in it’s entirety. Modules can be
completed in any order, so participants are welcome to join in at any
time. Currently there are 18 modules in the CoF course, so after 18
meetings, we will go back to the first
module, thereby creating a perpetual learning opportunity for any
interested Mason.

If you or your lodge feel like this is a worthy project, we can use your
support for our study group in two very specific ways.

1) Encourage your brethren to attend. Carpool, talk in lodge about what
you've learned, when introspective or challenging questions come up, ask
your lodge officers, or more senior Mason's for their insights. Starting
a dialog about Masonic Education creates momentum.

2) Their are SIGNIFICANT resources required to complete the modules.
Some of the texts are out of print, and rather rare to come across. If
each lodge could check their own library's for any editions of the
materials, and would lend them to the study group, it would serve to
assist us in our researches. This has been suggested as a very effective
use of the Tyler's time during a lodge meeting. Attached is a copy of
the required materials.

Should any brethren have any questions, or suggestions, please don't
hesitate to let me know.

Fraternally yours,

Darian Bacon
Chairman of Public Relations
Victoria District Masons


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