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The District Trestle Board, printed elsewhere in this website, will identify the lodge hall locations and their meeting times. Whatever month you visit this friendly rural District you will find a lodge meeting somewhere, as some lodges meet in summer and not in the winter and on opposite schedule in the other communities.

The original settlers in this part of Ontario came from various walks of life; the railroad, the Trent Canal system, the logging industry and agriculture, each dictating where communities would be settled, and with these pioneers came their traditions and culture. Schools and churches were built, as were Masonic halls. The lodges, many instituted years before the formation of Victoria District in 1916, are all deep in history and I would encourage your interest in them.

Geographically, this area has been agriculture, timber and recreation. In the recent years the population has been swelled by cottage dwellers and those wanting to retire to a very  pleasant part of God’s creation. Many of these new residents have shown an interest in the local lodges and several have affiliated with those lodges. This website is a new venture for Victoria District and I trust that you will enjoy visiting with us.

Thank you for your interest.


R.W. Bro. Donald Burgomaster


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