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District Grand Lodge of Bombay

Freemasonry is supposed to have come to Bombay in 1758, when a Lodge No.234, whose name is not known, was supposed to have been consecrated. A few years later, in 1764, a Provincial Grand Lodge was formed, with Bro James Todd being appointed the first Provincial Grand Master by Earl Ferrers, the Grand Master.

Little is known of the progress of the Provincial Grand Lodge till the early 1800’s, when Lodge Benevolent was formed in Poona in 1822…Read More



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Freemasonry in Bombay

Most probably you have heard of the term Freemasonry and have a brief idea about it being something of a secret society. Possibly you have read one of the novels of Dan Brown and would like to know something more about it. Quite likely that you may have somebody close to you, who you may know, is a Freemason. There are also very good chances that you know nothing about Freemasonry but came to this site out of curiosity.

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How to become a Freemason?

You have probably been curious about Freemasonry and gathered a lot of information about Freemasonry. You may have browsed the Internet, read the contents of this site or asked a few friends / relatives whom you know are Freemasons. You have, by now, as we say, formed a "favourable opinion, preconceived of the Institution". You are now all set to become a Freemason and wondering how to become one.

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Already a Freemason?

Are you already a Freemason? Then there is plenty here that is fresh and interesting. If you are a Freemason but not a member of this District you could look at a Lodge to visit in the District. If you are in the Chapter you might consider visiting one of our Chapters. If you are looking for Masonic daily advancement consider reading one of our Mentoring papers or any one of the Oration papers.

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