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History of R:.L:. Hiram 102   

Here follows a little history of of R:.L:. Hiram 102 founing members and a very important piece of history our lodge has had dure the founding years and the years there after.
T:.T:.G:.O:.T:.G:.A:.O:.T:.U:. A:. & A:. S:. R:. BRIEF EXPOSE OF HISTORICAL FACTS 1947-1997 OF The  RESP:. LODGE 'HIRAM' No 102 Lodge  Hiram No 102 is the outgrowth of a few men who were previously associated with Masonry in their native land, Being Masters Mason and believing in the principles of Masonry as well as the social and moral benefits which accompany its practice, they conceived the idea of establishing another Masonic Lodge in Aruba as there was only one Lodge at that time in Aruba:            "EL SOL NACIENTE No. 113". These Masters Masons got together more often than is recorded in the official file and the final outcome was that two Lodges were formed. One is presently known as “KING SOLOMON No.160" end the other as "HIRAM No. 102". In May 1945, our Lodge started operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, under the assigned name and number "HIRAM" No. 11. A few months afterwards the Brethren discovered that this Grand Lodge was not a regular Masonic body. To correct this situation, they solicited help to be regularized and the following Brethren sent a petition to the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Venezuela requesting its assistance:   W:.B:. A R Kuiperi, Pascual Ortiz, Hector Gonzalez, Charles Rohee, AquillesRaven, B.K. Chand, Hugh Olivierre and D.G. Williamson.On July 7,1947, the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Venezuela sent a special delegation, who, along with the petitioners regularized our Lodge end assigned it the number "102". Thus "HIRAM" No. 11 came to an end and "Hiram No'. 102 was born. The petitioners are recorded as the founding members of the Lodge

Founding Members of                      

R:.L:. Hiram102am

The first official Lodge Directory was as follows: W:.M:. - D.G. Wiliamson S:. W:. - B.K. Chand J:. W:.  - EK. Olivierre Or:.      - Pascual Ortiz Secr:.   - Carlos Juliao Treas:.  - Abraham Riba M:.C:.   - RC. James S:. D:.   - L. Pick J:. D:.   - Isaac Canhigh O:. G:.  - D.A. Gibbs I:. G:.   - George Danieis Entered Apprentices: - Adolf Fuchs                                  - Juan Laveist                                  - Emile Leefmans                                  - Carlos Odor                                   - August Tjon - Tang Toong                                   - William Samson On August 27,1947, The Grand Lodge of the Republic of Venezuela forwarded the Charter of the Lodge with a letter empowering the principal officers of the Lodge: Wor:.Mast:. D.G.Williamson, the Senior and Junior Wardens BBro:. B.K Chand and H.K Olivierre respectively to install it in the Lodge. As of August 27, 1947, ''HIRAM" No. 102 became the only active Lodge operating under the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Venezuela, located outside of the national territory of the Republic of Venezuela.Lodge "HIRAM No. 102" was operating in Oranjestad in a building owned by a Lodge of Mechanics. The unsatisfactory position of having to conduct the workings of the Lodge in hired quarters engaged the attention of the Brethren at an early stage.