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    On-Line Version Ontario Mason Magazine Launches!

    The Ontario Mason Magazine Team and the Communications Committee are extremely pleased to announce the re-introduction of the Ontario Mason Magazine (OMM), in its new on-line format.

    Ontario Mason Magazine - 2014 Winter

    Ontario Mason Magazine - 2013 Fall

    We hope that you enjoy the team’s first effort; it has been a huge undertaking and it certainly has been a learning process for us all. As we move forward with the creation of the Winter Issue, we pledge to you that the team will seek improvement every issue. 

    This new on-line version of the OMM is very much a magazine of and for every mason in Ontario. Its primary purpose is to inform the Brethren, while at the same time creating a greater sense of a Fraternal Community across the breadth of this great Province.

    The long-term success of the re-introduction of the Ontario Mason Magazine can only be achieved through the forging of communication partnerships between the Lodges, the Districts and the Senior Leadership of the Craft.

    The members of the OMM Team have a simple philosophy; If the information and news that you have as a Lodge or a District, is important to you – it is important to us.

    We encourage you to share stories, special celebrations, events, articles and photographs with the team. This magazine is here, for you to use, as a means of showcasing your special part of our Jurisdiction and we encourage to do so regularly.

    Should you, your Lodge or your District have submissions to the magazine, they can be forwarded via this specifically created e-mail address for the Ontario Mason Magazine -      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    Should you have any questions or wish to make any comments about the magazine, you can do so through this same OMM e-mail address.


    Communications is a Partnership and with your assistance we can cooperatively make this magazine a publication to be proud of.


    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!


    W. Bro. Dan Dignard                                   R.W. Bro. Iain D. Wate
    Team Leader                                                Chairman
    Ontario Mason Magazine                           Communnications Committee
    GL Communications Pillar                         Grand Lodge Communications Pillar

    Please Note: Throughout the magazine you find that “hyperlinks” have been used extensively. These links are there for your information and reading pleasure, so we encourage you to explore what they have to offer.


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    L8P 1B4
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