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    Masonic Foundation of Ontario

    London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP)
    Prostate Cancer Tour Jan. 16, 2014

    Your Foundation Dollars at Work

    On Thursday, Jan. 16, a number of the Directors of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario were privileged to participate in a tour of the London Regional Cancer Program’s Prostate Cancer facilities at the London Health Sciences Centre.

    The following members of the Masonic Foundation were in attendance: President A. Douglas Nichols, Dr. David Cameron, Mr. Garry Dowling, Mr. Patrick McGrenere, Mr. Ed Standish, Dr. Charles Woods and our Deputy Grand Master, Mr. John Green.
    We were accompanied on the tour by two private donors, Mrs. Sheila Reynolds and Mr. John Reynolds.

    The tour was organized and directed by two members of the London Health Sciences Foundation, Jackie Ellefsen and Pam Taylor.

    Prostate Cancer Tour Jan. 16, 2014

    Photo (left to right)
    Back Row: Dr. Charles Woods, Doug Nichols (MFO Foundation President), Patrick McGrenere, Dr. David Cameron, Ed Standish, Garry Dowling
    Front Row: Aaron Ward, Leonard Luyt, Mrs. Sheila Reynolds, Mr. John Reynolds, John Green (Deputy Grand Master)
    Missing: Dr. Glenn Bauman, Jackie Ellefsen, Pam Taylor

    The tour was organized so that members of the Foundation could see first hand the benefits of the Foundation’s contributions to Prostate Cancer research. This year, your Masonic Foundation was pleased to be able to provide the following grants:

    $25,000 to Dr. Joseph Chin of Western University to enable a Masters student to look at modulators of prostate cancer cell invasion, which will have an impact on preventing metastasis.

    $25,000 to Dr. Bobby Shayegan of McMaster University to study a novel prostatectomy technique which promises to greatly lessen complications.

    $25,000 to Dr. Robert Siemens of Queen’s University for work with a survivorship group which includes cognitive psychologists who are attempting to understand the needs and gaps for men and their spouses in terms of their care after treatment. This includes a better understanding of quality of life issues.

    We were privileged to be able to meet with Dr. Glenn Bauman, Chair/Chief of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Joseph Chin, Chief, Surgical Oncology, Dr. Aaron Ward, PhD, and Dr. Leonard Luyt, PhD.

    Dr. Bauman guided the tour of the treatment and Radiation Therapy areas, explaining not only the equipment, but the processes used in treatment and the structure and organization of the various units and teams that come together to provide the best possible end result for the patient.

    Dr. Chin provided insight into the workings of the clinical side of the Baines Centre for Transitional Cancer Research and also an update on the work of the Masters student, Sean Leith, who received the grant from our Masonic Foundation for his research into a short hairpin ribonucleic acid (shRNA) molecule library made by 3D culturing.

    Dr. Aaron Ward provided a very educational presentation on the collaboration between the technology side of treatment and the interaction that their teams have with the clinicians. His presentation focused on how advances in imaging technology are constantly being used to strive for solutions to support questions and ideas that are raised by the clinicians in their use of the technology. He also outlined the process in transitioning a ‘question’ or an ‘idea’ from inception to a final product and he emphasised the importance of initial funding (donations) and ‘seed’ money in this process.

    Dr. Leonard Luyt gave us a presentation on how the ‘chemistry’ teams collaborate with the technology (imaging) and clinical teams to provide patient care solutions. He stressed the importance of the on-site lab work in developing new labelling agents for imaging (much like the development process of a drug) that ultimately reaches the stage of clinical trials. He then conducted a very educational tour of the research lab.

    This tour certainly allowed the participants from your Masonic Foundation to see first hand the work being done in the field of Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research. It was indeed an eye opener and a great opportunity to visualize the potential impact of our Foundation dollars at work. The entire Cancer Program team stressed the importance of funding, especially as relates to ‘seed’ money, in the ongoing search for better treatment and ultimate cure for Prostate Cancer.

    We are indebted to the entire team but especially Jackie and Pam for making the tour possible.

    Submitted by: Garry Dowling / David Cameron

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