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    Community Outreach

    Giving is the greatest gift

    Charity is one of the foundation stones of Masonry, and Ontario Masons are proud to do our part. Every year, we support various causes to the tune of half a million dollars…or more.

    Masonic Foundation of Ontario

    Ontario Masons created the Masonic Foundation of Ontario in 1964. It’s a public charity registered with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency that uses its donations to relieve poverty, advance education and other purposes to benefit the community.

    Learn more about the Masonic Foundation.


    Fifty-five children are reported missing to Ontario police every day. That’s why Ontario Masons sponsor MasoniChip, a state-of-the-art child identification program. The program started in 2007 and, by its fourth birthday, had distributed 42,000 child identification kits to Ontario families.

    Learn more about  MasoniCh.I.P.

    Masonic Blood Donors

    Ontario Masons know it’s in them to give—that’s why we make (or sponsor) approximately 35,000 blood donations every year.

    Learn more about the Masonic Blood Donors.

    District Projects

    Every year, Districts across Ontario raise money for important projects such as disaster relief, specialized hospital equipment and children’s charities. These efforts directly contribute to the communities in which Masons live, work and play.

    Learn more about the District Projects.


    Two great educational institutions, the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario and Brock University, have joined together to promote the academic study of Freemasonry.

    Learn more about the Brock University Partnership 

    Masonry Supporting Our Youth

     The Masons of Ontario through their Youth Initiatives participate and support Masonic Youth Groups to help them remain active and grow.

    Learn more about Youth Initiatives

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