Scottish Freemasonry is organised in a fairly straightforward way and has three tiers:

Head Office” which is The Grand Lodge of Scotland a central administration unit and responsible for Lodges working under the Scottish Constitution throughout the world and working with other Grand Lodges.
Regional Offices” which represent Grand Lodge of Scotland locally and will have responsibility for a defined number of Lodges within a geographically area:

  • Within Scotland there are 32 “Provincial Grand Lodges”.
  • Beyond the boundary of Scotland we have 26 “District Grand Lodges”.
  • Where Grand Lodge have a small number of Lodges within a region and outwith Scotland, they will be represented by one of our 2 “Grand Superintendents”.
  • There are 15 lodges that do not easily fit the regional structure being located individually throughout the globe, and so are administered directly by Grand Lodge.

"Lodges" are the Foundation Stone of Freemasonry and every Scottish Freemason must be a member of at least one lodge. There are around 640 lodges in Scotland and 350 Lodges located in over forty countries overseas.