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History of Freemasonry

In the Middle Ages, the terms "mason" and "Freemason" were used interchangeably. They were operative masons who built castles and cathedrals in England and Scotland. Because of the inherent danger of their work, many operative masons formed local organizations, called lodges, to take care of sick and injured members as well as the widows and orphans of those who were killed on the job. The masons also used the lodges as places to meet, receive their pay, plan their work, train new apprentices, and socialize. In 1717, the first Grand Lodge was established in London. Within the next two decades, English Freemasonry spread throughout Europe and eventually made its way to the American colonies. The first lodge organized on American soil appeared in Philadelphia around 1730.  By 1733 a Provincial Grand Lodge was organized in Boston. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and other founding fathers were among the first Masons in America. Of the 39 men who signed the U.S. Constitution, 13 were Masons.

A word of our Worshipful Master

In this new era in which we live, anyone can easily search Google on their mobile device and will surely find many good answers about what Freemasonry is.n However, only true initiates possess the tools necessary to know to be able" Separate the wheat from the chaff ." We know that mere knowledge is not wisdom. Knowledge put to good use, that is Wisdom! It is however the understanding these two that leads to true enlightenment, true initiatic experience.This is why anyone who truly aspires to receive the Light, has to first prepare himself in his heart to receive the  Light. For it is from there, the heart, that Sacred Temple, from which our true self radiates, our true essence which is also the essence of The All, making us all but one. That Divine Spark is like a Blazing Star that shines in each one of us. Speculative Masonry teaches with help of parables, the secret teachings of all times. It is the same allegories that have been told since times immemorial. Freemasonry however, allows each of its adepts the freedom to experience it according to their own abilities and experiences. Tolerance, virtue which Freemasonry strongly pursues, is a main ingredient that  forever holds together the Fraternal Chain our Just Order . Even in the Holiest place of the Temple of Solomon, there were black and white tiles. We each are on our own path towards the G :. A :.O:. T :. U :.    There will be always some that are ahead of us and some are behind us. In the manner that we are tolerant of others, tolerance will also be showed to us. The pendulum always moves equally from one side to the other. Finally, I am convinced that in this new era of Google and Facebook, that we are also living a new age of enlightenment. The new cycle was even painted on the celestial canopy recently.   " As above, so below".Masonic teachings pertain everything required to help elevate ourselves towards this change in global consciousness. Change however, can only come from the inside out, from within each of us who form our fraternal chain. It rest me no more than to invite all BBr∴ that may see this, to join us, your BBr:. of RL:. Hiram No. 102, to labor towards being found perfectly polished stones, ready for use in beautifying the Great Work of G:. A :. O :.T:. U :. Masonic education is the just key for the release from captivity. The Light is available to all, it just hast be desired enough.                                       Fraternally,                                                                                        
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