Most Worshipful Grand Master

Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida

M∴W∴ Steven P. Boring was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee. At the age of eleven he moved to the Daytona Beach area. He attended South Ridgewood Elementary School and graduated from Mainland High School. He attended Daytona Beach Community College, Vencies College, and studied electronics drafting at St. Petersburg Junior College. Steve and Mary Jane were married in 2009, and are members of Trinity United Methodist Church in DeLand and attend church as much as their Masonic schedule will allow. Together, they have five children and eleven grandchildren.

M∴W∴ Boring worked twenty-eight years for Florida Power Corporation and retired from Florida Power in the year 2000. He proudly served as a member of the Florida Army National Guard for thirty-six years. During his enlistment in the National Guard he attended Infantry Officer Candidate School—Senior Sergeant’s Course, First Sergeant’s Course, and was a member of the Florida Army National Guard Pistol Shooting Team for over 30 years.

M∴W∴ Boring received the Three Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry in East Gate Lodge No. 355 in Clearwater, Florida. He was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on December 23, 1974. After moving to the central Florida area, M∴W∴ Boring became a member of Saint Johns Lodge No. 37 and served as Worshipful Master in 2006. M∴W∴ Boring served on several District, Zone, and State Committees including Child ID, Masonic Education, Public Relations and Publicity, Jurisprudence, Arrangements, and the Grand Lodge Corporate Board.

In 2008 M∴W∴ Boring was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the 16th Masonic District by M∴W∴ Joe Fleites. In 2009 he served as Grand Marshal, in 2010 was appointed Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, and in 2011 served as Junior Grand Steward for M∴W∴ Jim J Harris. M∴W∴ Boring is a member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Orlando—Past Master of the Knights of St. Andrews and Past Master of the Lodge of Perfection; Sanford York Rite Bodies—Monroe Chapter No. 15, Sanford Council No. 20, and Taylor Commandery No. 28; Past Monarch of Zangi Gortto; Bahia Shrine—Ambassador; the Royal Order of Scotland; Memorial Lodge No. 16; Seminole Chapter No. 373, National Sojourners; and Space Coast Council No. 32 Knight Masons. He is a Past Patron of DeLand Chapter No. 16, Order of the Eastern Star. He has served as a DeMolay Dad Advisor; a member of the Advisory Board of DeLand Assembly No. 31, International Order of Rainbow for Girls, for several years and is a holder of the Grand Cross of Color. Since 2010 M∴W∴ Boring has been a member of the Masonic Youth Association of Florida, serving as the Secretary in 2011 and 2012.

On May 28, 2012, M∴W∴ Boring was elected by the Craft and was installed on May 30, 2012, as Junior Grand Warden of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Florida; thereafter, he was elected to Senior Grand Warden in 2013, Deputy Grand Master in 2014, and installed Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of Florida in 2015.

M∴W∴ Boring had the honor and privilege of Raising both his son and his step-son to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason; both are Past Masters of their respective Lodges. M∴W∴ Boring’s hobbies include guns, racing, and classic cars. M∴W∴ Boring spends his leisure time working in the yard and spending time with his family.

My Brothers, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Grand Master this year.

My slogan is “Remembering the Past – Embracing the Future.” Brothers, we need to get back to the values and ways of yesteryear. Back when a man’s word was his bond. A deal could be settled with a handshake. Brethren, when you look into your mirror in the morning ask yourself, "Based on my actions in the past, would I pass the ballot today?" Are your words and actions worthy of a clear ballot? If you can’t pass the ballot test, you need to make some changes. Bring the values of Masonry into your everyday life.

As you have heard me say in the past, I am just a Brother like each of you. As Grand Master, I know that my job is not winning a popularity contest. Being poplar is not my goal. I will do what I feel is necessary for the betterment of the Craft.

My vision is to find a way to better communicate, assist, respect, and educate one another within our great Fraternity. Communicate openly with each other. Assist our Brothers and families in need. Respect each other, both inside and outside of the walls of our Lodges. Educate all to prepare for your future. C.A.R.E. Brothers we must CARE; display our morals, honor, and integrity and work together in peace and harmony at all times thus characterizing us as Freemasons! Only then will we, the Craft, become Freemasons United Together Under Ritual Ethics or FUTURE. Brothers we must begin now to CARE for our FUTURE!

It has been said that the Youth are our Future. I believe this; however, I also believe that we are the future of the Youth. The current Past Masters, Masters, Wardens, and Brethren in our Lodges are the future of our Fraternity. In my opinion, we must become mentors and teach the lessons of this great Fraternity to those already within the walls of our Lodges and to those yet to come. Masonic Education is up to us. We must Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way.

A man is a Mason when he can look out over the rivers, the hills, and the far horizon with a profound sense of his own littleness in the vast scheme of things, and yet have faith, hope, and courage. When he knows that down in his heart every man is as noble, as vile, as divine, as diabolic, and as lonely as himself, and seeks to know, to forgive, and to love his fellowman. When he knows how to sympathize with men in their sorrows, yea, even in their sins---knowing that each man fights a hard fight against many odds. When he has learned how to make friends and to keep them, and above all learned how to be friends with himself. When he loves flowers, can hunt the birds without a gun, and feels the thrill of an old forgotten joy when he hears the laugh of a little child. When he can be happy and high-minded amid the meaner drudgeries of life. When star-crowned trees and the glint of sunlight on flowing waters subdue him like the thought of one much loved and long dead. When no voice of distress reaches his ears in vain, and no hand seeks his aid without response. When he finds good in every faith that helps any man to lay hold of higher things, and to see majestic meanings in life, whatever the name of that faith may be. When he can look into the way-side puddle and see something besides mud, and into the face of the most forlorn mortal and see something beyond sin. When he knows how to pray, how to love, how to hope. When he has kept faith with himself, and his fellow-man, and with his God; in his hand a sword for evil, in his heart a bit of song---glad to live, but not afraid to die! In such a man, whether he be rich or poor, scholarly or unlearned, famous or obscure, Masonry has wrought her sweet ministry.

As we enter this new Masonic Year, may each of us deepen our sense of caring for each other so that we may truly become Freemasons United Together Under Ritual Ethics. May God watch over and bless our Military wherever they may be. May God bless this Great Fraternity and may God bless the United States of America.


Steven P. Boring,
Grand Master