Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer

Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Florida

M∴W∴ Elmer G. Coffman was born in Casey County, Kentucky. He attended public schools in Casey County and upon graduation enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served for almost nine years. After the completion of his enlistment, he was employed as a Technical Representative for the Department of The Navy and at retirement in 1999 had served a total of thirty nine years.

M∴W∴ Coffman received the Three Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry in Orange Park Lodge No. 267 in Orange Park, FL, being initiated an Entered Apprentice in November 1983, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft in December 1983 and raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in January 1984. In 1985 he was appointed Senior Deacon, elected to Junior Warden in 1986, Senior Warden in 1987, and in 1988 he was elected Worshipful Master of Orange Park Lodge where he is a Perpetual Member.

In 1986, M∴W∴ Coffman was appointed District Instructor of what is now the 12th Masonic District and held that office until 1992, when he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master by M∴W∴ Richard Lynn. In 1993, M∴W∴ Coffman served as Zone 3 Chairman of the Committee On Work and remained the Zone 3 Chairman until 1997, when he was appointed State Chairman of the Committee On Work by M∴W∴ Sam Cowan. He remained State Chairman until he was elected Junior Grand Warden in 2002. M∴W∴ Coffman is a lover of the Masonic Ritual and qualified for his Gold Proficiency Card in 1992.

M∴W∴ Coffman is a Scottish Rite Perpetual Member and an Honorary 33rd Degree in the Valley of Jacksonville. He is also a member of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12 R.A.M, where he served as High Priest; Hallmark Council No. 3 R. & S.M. and Damascus Commandery No. 2. K.T. He belongs to Morocco Shrine in Jacksonville, Tall Cedars of Lebanon River Forest No. 198, Northeast Florida York Rite College No. 114, Wilbur B. Masters Council No. 322 Allied Masonic Degree, Gateway Council No. 51 Knight Masons, St. Honore Conclave Red Cross of Constantine, a Member in Perpetuity in North East Florida Chapter No. 435, National Sojourners, Past Masters Committee of the 11th and 12th Districts, Zone Three Blue Gold Club, Life Member of the Masters and Wardens for Districts 11 and 12, and Orange Park Chapter No. 226, O.E.S. He was awarded the “Mr. Mason Award” by Woodstock Park Lodge No. 313 in 1994 and Mason Of The Year Award for District 12 in 1996. He is an Honorary Member of numerous Lodges in Districts 11, 12, 13, 14 and 35 and was appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky in 1998. He was made a Kentucky Colonel of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1984 and a Duke of Hazard in 2003.

M∴W∴ Coffman is married to Patricia. They have one daughter and one son, and have been blessed with six grandchildren. His interests other than Masonry include his church, working the genealogy lines of the family and college sports.


Our Annual Grand Lodge Communication is now over and a new Grand Lodge year has begun. This is always an exciting time of the year in our Fraternity when new programs are presented, new charities named and new goals set, with many dedicated Brothers around the state working hard to make these goals a reality. Our Grand Master has revamped several of the old programs, especially in our Masonic Education area, to enable them to serve the craft in a more productive manner.

This is also an exciting time in our Fraternity as we are seeing an increase of membership in most of our Particular Lodges. Many of the other Grand Jurisdictions in the United States are reporting an influx of new members as well, telling us that Masonry is alive and well and on the move. What a great time to be a member of the oldest and largest Fraternal Organization in the world.

One of the most visible programs to the general public is our Masonic Child I.D. Program. Many of our Child I.D. Programs around the state are working diligently in conjunction with their local Police Departments, schools and other civic groups as they process thousands of children through the Program. One of the greatest rewards we as Masons could ever receive would be to have our Child I.D. Program assist in saving the life of some child in danger. I strongly urge you to support this program with your time, effort and monetary donations as well.

If you happen to be in the Jacksonville area, I would urge you to visit your Grand Lodge Building, spend a little time with us and meet the staff. We would be happy to assist you with a tour through the Grand Lodge Museum, where you will find Florida Masonic history on display or you may wish to browse through at you own pace. The library will also be open should you wish to spend time there possibly doing research on Florida Masonry.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to again say thank you for the honor you have bestowed upon me by allowing me to continue to serve as your Grand Treasurer. This allows me to continue working with a great line of dedicated Grand Lodge Officers and Grand Lodge Staff and be involved in Masonry every day. We are here to serve you, the Craft, and if I can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to call.

May God richly bless you all and may God continue to bless America.

Elmer Coffman, P.G.M.
Grand Treasurer